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shared living arrangement (sla)

Are you looking for a change in your life? Perhaps you are a person with a developmental disability who has decided that shared living is right for you. Or you are a potential host and would like to open your home as a shared living provider. Looking Upwards can assist you to launch and maintain a shared living arrangement.

Looking Upwards has 45 years of experience in supporting people with developmental disabilities in a residential setting and in all areas of life. Our shared living team will work with you to develop an arrangement that meets your individual needs.

Your role as a shared living provider:
When you open your home to a person with a developmental disability, you are making a commitment to be an advocate, mentor and support provider. You will teach new skills, assist the individual with connecting to the community and developing and maintaining relationships. Daily, as an active mentor, you’ll encourage the person to make life choices that will lead to a satisfying, safe and productive lifestyle. 

Your compensation for providing a Shared Living Arrangement:
Your total compensation will range from $23,704 to $39,034 per year.
The amount is determined based on the Tier classification of the needs of the individual you support. Compensation includes:

  • Tax-free stipend: ranging from $17,520 to $32,850 per year
  • Tax-free room & board payment: $515 per month, a total of $6,184 per year
  • Taxable respite allowance: ranging from $4,056 to $6,084 per year
    --- (Respite allowance enables you to pay for someone to provide substitute care)

As a person with a disability, you can expect from your shared living provider support with:

  • Daily routines
  • Maintaining optimal health
  • Community inclusion and relationship building
  • Transportation
  • Financial management
  • Crisis management as needed
  • Obtaining prompt medical care
  • Pursuing your goals and choices

Overall, what to expect:

  • To become a shared living provider, you will need to participate in a training course.  
  • As a provider, background checks of all adults in the home will be required.
  • Your home will need to meet certain home safety requirements.
  • For both the provider and the individual, our staff will meet with you to help you launch and maintain your partnership.
  • Looking Upwards will facilitate a personal annual plan for the individual supported.

Who is eligible:

Who to Contact:

  • Administrator, Tory Flis at 401-847-0960 ext. 154 or Email Tory