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With your help, our staff can continue to be that caring presence that makes a real difference in people’s lives.  As state and federal budgets shrink, your gift helps us stretch our resources. Together we can work to ensure that adults with disabilities and children with diverse needs get the support they need to live full, rich lives.

Looking Upwards provides services for over 900 children, families and adults. We provide therapeutic and support services to assist families of children with a wide range of needs. These include developmental disabilities such as autism, intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as children who are at risk or experiencing mental health concerns.

Our services for adults support adults with developmental disabilities in every area of life – vocational, residential and day enrichment. We assist adults to gain skills for independence, develop social connections, enhance health and safety and to create a personalized plan for living a fulfilling life.

Your contribution will make a difference because we manage our funds efficiently. For example, Looking Upwards keeps administrative costs to 9.7%, well below the industry standard of 15 to 20%.  

We also have initiated some creative methods to reduce our expenses while maintaining the quality of our work.

With grant support from The Rhode Island Foundation, we have developed an innovative staff training program for our adult services.  We’re not only saving money, we’re actually enhancing the quality of our staff training through this new model.

We’ve launched The Keystone Group. This is a nonprofit umbrella organization that enables us to save money by sharing administrative functions such as our business office and human resources departments with other similar organizations.

Thank you for your gift and your willingness to make a difference in people’s lives. We appreciate you joining us in support of our mission. 

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