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Looking Upwards offers a variety of programs to support people with developmental disabilities to move towards what they want in their lives. With the resources of our caring team of professionals, we assist each person in realizing dreams – such as a satisfying home life, gratifying work, enjoyment of relationships and participation in the wider community.

We draw upon 45 years of expertise in supporting people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives. At the heart of all of our services is respect for each person’s individuality and right to live in ways that hold personal meaning and satisfaction.

Looking Upwards Online Happenings
Staying connected virtually

Supported Living
Successful apartment living

Community-Based Family Services
Assistance when living with family

Residential Services
Support for a satisfying life – 24 hours a day

Shared Living
Sharing a home and life  

Day Enrichment
A launching pad to learning & adventure 

Employment Services
Opening the door to satisfying work