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About Looking Upwards

Looking Upwards is a place where people discover new possibilities. It’s where adults with developmental disabilities explore what’s meaningful to them and create satisfying lives. It’s a place where families of children with special healthcare needs find support so their children get the best start in life and thrive as they grow. Looking Upwards is a resource for school departments and a variety of professionals, expanding their options for how they serve their communities.

For 45 years, Looking Upwards has been helping individuals to live to their fullest potential. We are a Middletown-based, nonprofit agency that serves over 1,200 children and adults throughout Rhode Island.

Our staff provides individualized services based upon each person’s needs. Team members include direct support workers, nurses, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavioral consultants, family and individual therapists, service coordinators and support staff. 

Looking Upwards’ team of caring professionals truly listen. At Looking Upwards, people face challenges and know they are not alone, as our staff walks alongside, offering support, identifying solutions, fostering independence and celebrating the small triumphs and leaps of accomplishment that make a vital difference in life.

Our Mission
Looking Upwards promotes the growth and independence of children and adults of all abilities so they may realize their potential and live fulfilling lives.

Looking Upwards’ Services

Services for adults with developmental disabilities: Our services for adults with developmental disabilities include vocational, day enrichment and a variety of residential options. We draw upon 45 years of expertise in supporting people with developmental disabilities to live fulfilling lives. With the resources of our caring team of professionals, we assist each person in realizing dreams – such as a satisfying home life, gratifying work, enjoyment of relationships and participation in the wider community.

Services for families of children with special healthcare needs: Our program for children and families facing diverse challenges offers an array of services for children from birth through twenty one years. We provide creative approaches to early childhood development as well as supporting success at home and in the community. To their partnership with families Looking Upwards’ specialists bring expertise in behavior management, child development, behavioral health, and autism and other developmental disabilities.

Services for schools: Looking Upwards offers schools a variety of services that help school departments stretch their resources in creating student success. Our services include behavioral consulting, support with school-to -career transition and the provision of highly-trained paraprofessional staff.