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specialized Paraprofessional services

As a school administrator, you find yourself stretching limited resources to meet your students’ needs. You work hard to help all of your students reach their fullest potential.

When a student has behavioral, developmental or mental health challenges that make everyday a struggle, you need a practical solution. Our paraprofessionals can work with a single student, a classroom, or can help you meet changing needs on a daily basis throughout your school.

With each paraprofessional, our clinical team is an additional resource at no extra cost to you. Our clinical team is available to provide consultation and support to your staff, enabling everyone involved with a student to be effective in complex, challenging situations. 

These services are based on Looking Upwards’ more than thirty years of expertise in therapeutic behavioral intervention. Our specialized classroom support staff is fully trained in Positive Behavioral Support and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Since the inception of our school services in 1998, we have worked with school departments, providing skilled staff and developing dynamic interventions that help students to progress.

These services include all of the resources to support a student or classroom’s success:

  • Our specialized paraprofessionals receive training in working with a wide range of diagnoses and disabilities that can be individualized to any situation to support specific students’ needs.
  • Each staff member is also trained in important areas such as Positive Behavioral Supports, crisis management and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Ongoing supervision and training is provided for staff members to assist them to match their support to students’ progress.
  • Whenever there is a need, we provide a fully trained, substitute staff person so students are never without support.
  • Every day throughout services, we will track and record measurable progress towards IEP outcomes, which the school team can utilize for planning.
You can count on the quality and flexibility of our services. Our staff will work under your direction.They understand the changing dynamics in a classroom and school and will work fluidly under your guidance to best meet your needs. Our commitment is to provide a reliable and invaluable resource to support your students’ growing independence and to create therapeutic consistency throughout the day.

For students who are working on life skills, or other areas of development, our services can be tailored to your specific needs.

What to expect:

  • A skilled bachelor’s level staff person will work under your direction to help students’ meet identified goals.
  • Services will be reliable and tailored to your students’ needs.
  • You’ll have access to the expertise of our behavioral consultants to collaborate in addressing problem behaviors.

Who is eligible:

  • Students must be referred by the school administrator.

Who to contact:

  • Contact our School Services Coordinator, Joan Antranigian
    401-293-5790 ext. 337 or Email Joan