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behavioral consulting

As a school administrator you know the high cost of difficult behaviors. Classroom discipline problems in schools are on the rise. And no matter how you measure it, the toll is high. Untapped potential. Dollars spent in out-of-school placement. Wear and tear on teachers and other students in the class. It’s a hard price to pay.

Yet, for every child with behavioral challenges, there is hope. That hope stems from understanding what’s needed for making a change. 

When a school determines that additional expertise is needed, Looking Upwards' Behavioral Consulting services offer practical solutions. For students with developmental, mental health or behavioral issues, we provide sound guidance and a clear-cut behavior management plan to support the growth of positive behaviors.

Our consultants conduct a functional behavioral assessment, taking an in-depth look at difficult behaviors such as refusing to follow directives, tantrums, self-injurious behaviors, aggression and bullying. We work to understand the purpose of the behavior and then build bridges to positive alternatives.

Through a Looking Upwards Behavioral Consultation, you’ll gain: 

  • A in-depth perspective on the challenging behavior through a functional behavioral assessment
  • An understanding of situations likely to act as “triggers” for the behavior and how to best manage those situations
  • Ways to avoid escalation of the behavior
  • Strategies for teaching the student new ways of coping, plus advice about when it will be most effective to teach these new skills
  • Critical questions to ask yourself to guide your actions in relating to this student
  • A toolbox of pro-active techniques designed specifically to support this student’s success

Developing the positive. Throughout this process, we base our approaches on the student’s specific strengths. Working from the student’s perspective, we create plans that help students to learn accountability, self-control and greater independence in managing a wide range of challenges. Students are then free to focus on academic goals.

Looking beyond a disability. For those children where a disability is involved, we bring our expertise to help determine how the disability may be influencing the student’s behavior and academic progress. We shape a plan that accommodates the disability, while supporting the student to succeed. 

Creating practical approaches to change. We understand that simplicity is important in any plan for developing new behaviors. For all students, we develop practical approaches for motivating change. With sound advice and clear solutions, Looking Upwards’ behavioral consultations give teachers the tools to guide students towards new behaviors that better meet the challenges in their lives.

What to expect:

  • The consultant will meet with school personnel to determine the student’s strengths and areas of need.
  • The consultant will observe the student in various settings and during the most difficult parts of the daily routine. 
  • A functional behavioral assessment will be conducted to gain an in-depth perspective on the challenging behavior.
  • A focused plan of action will be developed and written copies will be made available.
  • The consultant will then meet with school personnel to discuss the findings and recommendations.
  • If materials such as sensory or communication aids are needed, the consultant may assist in developing them.
  • The consultant will also provide methods and suggestions for tracking the child’s progress.
  • Additional consultations can be arranged if needed as the child progresses.

Who is eligible:

  • Any student who is recommended by the school system is eligible.

Who to contact:

  • School Services Coordinator, Joan Antranigian
    401-293-5790 ext. 337 or Email Joan