Looking Upwards – Employee Health Insurance Plan Documents

Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)

Under the law, insurance companies and group health plans are required to provide consumers with a concise document detailing, in plain language, simple and consistent information about health plan benefits and coverage. The summary of benefits and coverage document will help consumers better understand the coverage they have and allow for easy comparison of different coverage options.

The SBC is a summary of key features of the plan or coverage, such as the covered benefits, cost-sharing provisions, coverage limitations and exceptions. The law also requires consumers to receive the SBC when shopping for coverage, enrolling in coverage, at each new plan year, and within seven business days of requesting a copy from their health insurance issuer or group health plan.

Here are the three different health plan options available through Looking Upwards:

Summary of Benefits Coverage – Value

Summary of Benefits Coverage – Standard

Summary of Benefits Coverage – Premium

Medical Reimbursement Plan – Summary Plan Description (SPD)

The SPD is a written summary of the medical reimbursement plan available through CBIZ Primarily Care. Be advised that it is only a summary. The booklet summarizes the benefits under the plan and the nature of the benefits available. For a more complete description of the benefits, please refer to the specific sections in the booklet

Summary Plan Description