Dawn Mallozzi presents at TEDx!

“It felt so amazing.  I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Dawn landed one of her big dreams when she presented at TEDx. Here’s what Dawn says about what brought her to the stage: 

“A while after I recovered from my accident I decided I wanted to inspire people.  In the times that I felt discouraged, hope is what got me through. I wanted to give talks for people like me that have no hope.  I have plenty of it and I want to share it!

Why do I have hope?  Coming to work every day.  I love it.  Seeing my peer workers succeed is amazing! Also, I am a family person and being with my family gives me hope.

Hope for me means accomplishing goals, having a good day at work and making my friends and family happy -- all good stuff.

My message to other people: if you try hard enough for it, you more than likely will accomplish your goal!”


Dawn Mallozzi is an artist at Downtown Designs gallery in Newport, Rhode Island, and has shared her inspiration at local schools, and more recently on the TEDx stage at the University of Rhode Island.

Here’s a link to the TEDx event with the theme of “Hope”, in which Dawn participated. The whole event is uplifting to watch, or if you want to view just Dawn, you’ll find her story at four points in the presentation: 43:16 – 1:03:26 – 1:58:14 and 2:09:31. 
Enjoy TEDxURI, 2202!