Looking Upwards


We are proud to honor these inspirational individuals and businesses.  Each has shown outstanding commitment towards vibrant, satisfying lives for people with disabilities. Presenting the Awards for Excellence was Looking Upwards’ Executive Director, Carrie W. Miranda. We extend special thanks to The Atlantic Resort, Water’s Edge Flowers and to Sierra Rudkowski of East Passage Photography for helping to make this an event fitting the occasion.

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Community Partner Award
Susan DeSantis, Alison Bologna, & Robin Sousa


Cindy’s Country Café
Business Partner Award
Cindy Morse


Robin Monihan Yoffa
Volunteer of the Year


Leann Karpovitz
Personal Growth Award

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Manny Tavares
The Linda Brandao Award for Self-Advocacy


Monique Rocha
Team Leader Award


Environmental Team
Team Accomplishment Award
Michael Melo, Gregory Rembijas, Domingos Carreiro & Robert Riegel


Navigator Team
Team Accomplishment Award
Steven Quesenberry, Brandan Martinez, Alicia Rogers, Samantha Lancaster
Mae Lipscomb & Allison Legein

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Casey Weibust
Shining Star Award


Tory Flis
The Karen Biestek Award


Holly Wesman
Above and Beyond Award


Dr. O. William Hilton, Jr.
Lifetime Achievement Award

- No Photo Available -

Gloria Davis
Exceptional Professional Award


Jean Notorantonio
Hidden Star Award


Direct Support Professional Awards

Hezbon Ayodo   Cherrie Bell   Ali Borges   Chris Brennan
Tom Cabral   Tanja Conroy   Judith Crough   Marlene DaSilva
Denise Ellis   Linda Ferreira   Christina Hundt   Dean Laliberte
Mae Lipscomb   Elizabeth Marshall   Jake O’Flaherty   Maria Elizabeth Palencia
Lori Reilly   Anthony Riley   Alicia Rogers  

Kathy Roy

Sarah Sangeado   Marybeth Sousa   Greg Stanton   NeeCee Tremblay
Lori White            

Additional Direct Support Award Recipients
- no photo available –

Pam Cox
Kwame Darko
Dawn Edelen
Mark Emerick
William Johnson
John KayKay
Lissie Leddy
Lori Levy
Elsa Melo
Hannah Perry
Rosemary Raygada-Sosa
Ed Robinson - (CPNRI RI DSP of the Year)
Joan Wilkerson-Pierre
Gerald Wimbish